I’m often asked which is the best insurer to be with. 

Occasionally I get an email from a client that literally shakes me to my core. 
Recently one of my clients was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and because he’s lost his speech, we’ve been communicating for a while now via email. 
He’s already been paid out on his life insurance via the terminal illness benefit, but I like to check in now and then to see how he is getting on. 
This is what he sent me (shared with his permission)… 
Hi David 
How nice of you to contact me – I truly appreciate the thought. 
Each new day with my beloved family is a blessing and I pray for many more. 
The disease is starting to hit home a bit more now – unable to swallow anything now so have abdominal feed line inserted so everything including medication is now fed directly to stomach. 
Excess saliva has been a bother since day one and experiments with various medications has not solved it, so I am now waiting for radiotherapy treatment to kill off my saliva glands. 
Honestly with all this going on, I’ve never had such a full engagement diary !!! 
I’ve now dropped about 6 stone before my weight stabilised, most of which is muscle tone, so weakness is becoming an issue now, but hey I’m alive and you just have to make the best of what life throws at you. 
Enough of me, I have to say with 43 years in business including marine insurance, and dealings with various organisations in my personal insurance needs, I have never come across someone as honest and reliable as you, and I often give thanks for the day you sorted my insurance out. 
I thank you for all you have done, and wish you a continued prosperous future filled with happiness and good health. 
Yours very truly 
There isn’t much I can really add other than to say I wish Chris and his family as many special moments as possible. 
Holley Protect is a family run business and we are proud of the care we take in finding the right insurance cover for our clients. If you value personal service where we get to know you and your circumstances then give us a call on 01933 355189 or contact us here
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